Friday, January 16, 2015

Larger Than Life and Still Communicating

Many years have passed since my friend Geoff has passed and I had been trying to get on with life, but 2013 was shaping up to be a real bad year.  My Dad had died the December before, only weeks after my sixteen year old grandson Nathan had died, his heart valve gave way.  I had just been diagnosed with cancer, the very same cancer that had taken my Dad, so I was not in a good frame of mind.  A person, who I knew as my friend Steve had been consoling me over that time and I looked forward to those calls, but...

Early one morning, around four am I was woken suddenly, startled I turned and there by my side was Geoff.  I had been the same thing the year before, but it was my Gran that time, saying Mum would be alright.  This time it was Geoff, just the head, larger than life size, three dimensional and opaque with no expression on his face but it was him, clear as day.  I turned away and turned back, thinking it might be an illusion, but he was still there.  For three minutes he was there beside me, no words came to mind, but I knew Geoff had come for a reason.

Gran had come to let me know Mum would be OK, I heard the words in my head, but she was gone after a minute.  Enough time for me to say hello Gran, then I got the message and she was gone.  A few months later Dad died and Mum is OK even now two years later.

With Geoff it was the same type of vision, I talked to him, and the energy was calming and even though I got no clear message from Geoff, I knew something was up.  He stayed as long as he could, but then he slipped away.

Later that morning, while talking to my Daughter, we agreed that something must be up.  I was on the computer and for no reason I typed in male scammers in the search engine, I had been researching photos for a site and to my disbelief there was my friend Steve's photo.  Instantly I knew why Geoff had come.

We looked further and not only did I find more photos of Steve, that he had sent me, there was a whole 30+ pages devoted to people reporting this man as a fraud and a liar. Geoff knew, I know, I felt the energy in the room light up.  This man had rang me every day while I was away in Tasmania with both my Grandson's funeral and three weeks later at my Dads funeral, he had pretended to be a friend and a confidant and when I confronted him with the evidence, he suggested they stole his photos.

But by then I had traced his email back to a black Accran man on Facebook, you see I trust my friend Geoff with my life and if he had taken the effort to show his face that morning, I knew it had to be important.

Since then I have talked to Geoff and my Dad through my friend Sandra the clairvoyant.  Geoff is always glad to see me, still says he misses me and I still feel the warmth around me when I think of him....and then my Dad like pushes in and "It is my turn now".  I knew one day Dad would finally know what Geoff and I had had all these years.  Ha Ha!

Yes it is comforting to know that there is communication after death and I have felt it, seen it and heard it both second hand and direct with my Gran.  Even my Mum knows the truth now, for she has seen and talked to Dad since his death as my Daughter talks to her son Nathan.  I think Geoff will be with me for a lot longer yet and now I have got over my cancer, that could be a very long time coming.  Love you all.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life after death communication of the river

Before I went to visit Rosie this last time, being early, I went down to the Huon River, to a spot not far from Elizabeth Point, named after a Great Grandmother. The water was caressing the rocks and I wanted to be out on it again. We used to go rowing in a boat I had built and a little fishing and as I walked along the shore the beauty of it was over whelming.

By the time I got to Rosie's Geoff had told her all about being down at the river, and had explained every detail. I feel he knows Rosie as a friend now, because that is how the conversation flows. We talked about his brother Tim and how they were getting on after his troubled death.

This life after death communication was rather personal, but the image I was left with after that conversation was of both brothers rowing along the Derwent River foreshore. Age is not relevant where they are and the image Geoff painted reminded me of a photo from his collection of the two brothers in their dingy off Tinderbox, a spot where they both grew up. The boys grew into fishermen, and later Geoff became a top filleter. Their lives evolved around fish, then Tim hung himself and Geoff lived with those questions of why for most of the time I knew him. That is for them to sort out, but they have joined up again and that makes me so happy, because I know he will not be alone again.

This photo is so much like the area of the Huon river I visited early that morning and a loverly image to remember the two boys with. I was so pleased this life after death communication had answered the question I had been pondering on, and now that Geoff has Tim as a companion again it is time for me to get on with my life.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Two Years since my first After Death Communication

It has been Two Years since my first After Death Communication With Geoff, and even though we have both moved on in life and from death, our communication is still strong.

I have a new job, a flat on my own now and developing new friendships, my friendship with Geoff is still as strong as ever, even if I did forget his birthday on the 11th April.

He tells me, through Rosie, of the events that he had dealt with recently, like the families in the Victorian fires who had no idea they had died and Geoff and others like him who's job it is to help people pass over understand what has happened to them. They no longer live in their bodies, but they still exist. Or as Geoff found out, dead is not dead! I can only explain this as I have been made to understand to be true.

Of course I also get descriptions of events that have happened to me, what I call the confirmations that Geoff is talking to me and things that were described that I have since found out to be true, like a description of one of my workmates wearing a distinctive cap and when I saw the cap, it took a while for me to take my eyes of the cap and look at who was wearing it, then it all made sense. It was one of my trainers and we had spent a lot of time together over those weeks.

My Uncle spoke to me that day also, he spoke to me of the excruciating pain of his heart attack just before he died, nothing like the discomfort of the pneumonia. He spoke of the pain of leaving his beloved behind and watching her in that place. I said to him I believed he had passes over to make her passing much easier and he agreed that to be the case. He said I had always been a caring person, I had just taken time to listen to him and give my Uncle time to express his feelings over the last few years when he came to Tasmania to be with family. It still hurts Uncle Tom to be separated from Aunty Bett, and he looks forward to the day they will dance again. He talks to her sometimes, as she borders on death, but he also knows that the body can last a long time in this fluctuating state. He told of meeting army people and watching the events of his life, catching up with family and friends and there was a song he mentioned, I can't remember with out going over the tapes, but music comes up very often when I talk to those who have passed over. Rosie described my Uncle as a distinctive gentleman in a suit and bowler hat which he tipped to her as he entered the room, after patiently waiting at the door for his turn. A man of gentle heart and compassion.

Geoff spoke to me of being in a castle with his teacher and learning from books of knowledge where the pages did not actually turn, yet you absorb the knowledge you were taught. This was his description. He spoke of feeling constantly on a buzz, like being drunk but with out the alcohol.

I asked him about his children, and he said the girls have their material things, and that is all that matters, they have no compassion. He has tried to help them but they don't listen, with head in hands "What more can I do?". He knows the hurt his Mum is going through and he cares, he tries to help. I passed this on to her and she said she knows. Like me she can only say what she feels, knowing the boys may hear, but never knowing what the response is unless she is told, yet knowing. This is a big step for a family who said "Dead was Dead".

I am lucky, I have someone who can be the voice, who can tell me what Geoff and others can pass on. I know this is true and I am beginning to understand some of "this space" through my life after death communication. Geoff answers my questions which I sometimes ask before I go and see Rosie. I know when the time is right and often so does she.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Life After Death Communications have slowed

The Life After Death Communications have slowed to what I used to get, but every so often I get a clear message, usually in the form of a quick response to a funny situation, or knowing I have company on my way down to the bus in the morning. When the moon is high in the early morning sky I notice I get a stronger connection.

After the last reading, I got a little carried away with what was told to me and I got in big trouble from my guides. It is one thing to let the natural flow of events happen, but to wish they would happen quicker goes against nature and my spirit guides gave me a strong message, through a spiritual friend to stop. I was getting a lot of happiness from what I was told, but then reality hit me, I was not ready to jump into any thing, not even if Geoff had told me it would be so.

I let go of the idea, I moved house and my work was increased. A huge change, a huge house instead of the tiny flat and as I handed my future over to the powers to be, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulder and happiness has become my friend. This is all Geoff wanted for me, to be happy and then I got the "new school bus",wow! I got the new bus, it hit me at 3am the following day. Hey Geoff! they gave me the "new bus". I get a chuckle as if to say of course.

Life is easier now, I know Geoff is around at least some of the time, I do not need him like I used to, but it is good to have the odd bit of laughter and wit. I will move on from this house soon enough, it was only a short time lease, but I know I will be fine and all I need will happen when the time comes.

Next week I am going to the footy in Melbourne. Geoff''s team West Coast and my sister's team Hawthorne, the Eagles and the Hawks. My daughter and sister got the tickets, so all I have to do is go. My first real footy match. My guides said they had my bags packed quiet some time ago and this is the first trip away since I met Geoff many years ago. My next trip is New Zealand. Geoff had said we should go there one day, and we still will, only he won't have to pay the airfare.

I love you Geoff, and in all my life after death communications I get the same answer, "I love you too" that is what this world is about, loving and believing in ourselves and our fellow beings. Do not impose our wishes onto other people, be it through word or thought, for the natural balance of things will happen in good time. Reminding ourselves that we are allowed to be happy, that we deserve to have all that the universe is willing to give us and open up our hearts to accept these gifts graciously.

I am proud to have known Geoff for the brief eight years I knew him, and I am even more honored to have been given the chance to learn all that I now know since Geoff's death and to be part of this special life after death communication I have, with not only Geoff, but with my Gran. I now get the occasional evening hug and a sweet hello from my Gran as I go to bed.

People if I can give you just one piece of advice, allow your self time to grieve, what you are feeling is as real to you as it is to your departed. All the questions and the if only's are happening not only for you, but your deceased. That is the wrong word, for we never actually die, only the body switches off its energy, our intelligence lives on in a different energy that we have no chance of knowing until our time comes and if the life after death communication from Geoff is anything to go on, we will have some warning pri to that natural event happening, even my Aunt Lexi made note of this before she died.

Never turn your back on your departed, for your acknowledgment that they are also dealing with their shock and the fact that you love them will help them deal with the ordeal as well as helping you. Your communication may be different than mine, but now Geoff understands my connection with my guides that I have had most of my life, because he has met his. He now knows there is more to this life rather than dead is dead, because he is living his spiritual path.

We all will find our truth one day.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Best Life After Death Communication Yet!

I had the best life after death communication with Geoff this weekend that I have had yet. So many questions answered and so much laughter and happiness.

It is coming up to a year now since Geoff died, and even though I had a massive grief breakdown toward the end of last year, I had managed to start feeling happy again this year. A few tears started to surface in the last week and I got a strong message from Geoff to go see Rosie again.

By seeing Rosie, Geoff is able to talk to me in words, where I get feelings from him, a knowing. Some times I get a idea that will pop into my head, or words on paper. One distinctive night I was sitting on my bed, Geoff was around and out of the blue I got a clear message about a male workmate, in the past I had never thought of him in any way other than a workmate. I said to Geoff, are you telling me that this man is going to be the one, the one I end up with? Geoff had said in the past he would let me know who when the time was right. I mean just the thought was triggering off sensations that I had not experienced before. I even changed bus routs just so I was not exposed to temptation, but our paths still cross and I get this sweet smile back and I think nothing is going away. One morning after I had parked my bus I found my self waiting, because he was running late, like a silly school girl, waiting for a chance to see him as he drove by.

Rosie had lost a dear friend only a month ago, so we were able to talk about death and the passing over, because we have an understanding of what has happened, where other people who have not experienced or do not understand that there is life after death and an intelligent spiritual consciousness that can communicate with us if we let it, other people just think you are crazy and do not understand what you are trying to explain.

Geoff like always was eager to start the meeting. He and Rosie's friend Steve had already met, so we had a four way conversation. "I want you to be happy", he said "when you are happy, I am happy, but I want You to be even happier". Geoff explained that a new love was waiting for me, I may not be aware yet, a man that is more compatible with me than even he was and a love more stronger than any I have know for many life times. I had to tell what happened that night in my room and find out if it was true and as I told my story Rosie said they were laughing. "We know, we have watched you, behaving like a "school girl", enjoy every moment, every experience." I thought wow! he seen me waiting behind the bus, but they laughed.

The conversation evolved around this new man from the busses, making money from my websites and a pay increase for all our bus drivers, which involves a big conference and Rosie said she seen placards. I know we have not had more than a few dollars increase in our wages over the last three years, nothing this year, but a strike! We all love our jobs so much.

The conversation dwelt on my websites for some time and Steve had pointed out to me to use U-Tube to bring in those one million visitors who spend a dollar, so get the site finished soon. The site is about helping people develop their own sites and it was good to get feedback from Steve to keep going with it, and to confirm that I will make money from them, clear my debts and save. Don't be afraid to dream big, it is time to think of all the things and places you want and save up and do it. The house, travel, the website will pay your way.

I found after my last reading with Rosie, Geoff had said there was no God, no mention of him and I could not write that here, so I asked him about it. Geoff explained, he said he seen the white light as you cross over, and he was not expecting the experiences that faced him. He was looking for a human figure, like we are told here, but it is all energy, a higher energy that is not possible on earth. He believes as he has evolved spiritually, that he may have met a god like energy, but it is nothing like he was expecting, it is yellow energy. He has met many guides, Egyptian, American Indian, Tibetan, Jesus he recognized from a picture and others.

Geoff said to me that most of the time, I am spot on when I feel his presence and my spiritual awareness is about to increase, he and my guides are working with me, then he mentioned the night of the full moon when I was looking over the water, I remember because I said to Geoff that night to look at how beautifully it was. That is the time to develop your skills.

I had a feeling that Geoff had an idea when he was about to die, because we talked about it on the Sunday before he died. The question lingered in my mind, so I asked him about it. His response was I knew but I didn't know. I had a feeling something was different, I had pictures from the other side I couldn't talk about because I thought people would think I was mad. I started to feel better, no pain, no hurt, more energy. (that weekend Geoff mowed all the lawns and weeded the gardens) On the Tuesday he come home early, talking to me one minute, then the lights went out, just like that. (massive heart attack) He said it was like a light switch, you turn life on, you turn life off. He didn't want to go, he wanted more time, but his job now is to help me grow spiritually.

The conversation kept coming back to "the man on the bus". Geoff wanted me to know what ever happened it was all right, it is meant to be. He will split from his wife, their relationship ended months ago and you will help him through it. There will be lots of coffee, and Rosie said she sees us at the pictures. Nothing will happen till after the split, but the seeds have been planted. When I heard this I felt uneasy, I don't want to be the cause of someones unhappiness. You are not, you are the one who will be there, to help when needed, it is all in the timing. I had to ask the question "Are you sure ----- is the one?" and the answer was yes.

I must admit, there is no other person who has stirred my heart, got the tingles going and if I do take on another partner, I could not think of a better choice. Thanks Geoff, you know how I feel for you, and yes your passing has opened my heart chakra like I have never experienced before.

This has been the best life after death communication I have ever had and it confirms all the things deep down that I all ready know. It is still nice to confirm that all the messages I get, are real and to know "You are loved more than you ever know" from Geoff, Gran, my Guides "and even more awaits you in the future".

To everyones happiness
Sarah-Ann McLeod

Saturday, December 15, 2007

No life after death communication for weeks

I have had no life after death communication for weeks, and it has left me feeling such grief. For the first time since Geoff died I have had to come to grips with the fact that I may have lost him for good.

We all handle death in many varied ways, and there is no defined pattern to how we react for each death. With my Grandmother, I went into an emotional nothingness. I did not cry, laugh or feel any emotion for about three months. My family noticed and just let me be, they were going through there own loss, then one day we all sat down and talked about Gran and it was back to normal.

With Geoff it has been normal,over the last nine months, to break in to uncontrollable tears, I let it all happen as it comes and afterward I feel a lot better. I would get to know when he was there to comfort me and I would calm down and we would talk.

For the past weeks there has been no communication, no feeling of his presence and I have not been back to Rosie to confirm one way or the other as to where he is or how he is doing. I have had to deal with a different grief, depression, and it has not been easy. I have not been able to transcribe all the information I have received from Geoff, because of my own grief and there is so much important information from this life after death communications.

As I get a grip on my own life I will tell you the whole story as Geoff told me. I believe it is that important for people to know as much as they can about the truth of Life after Death and the fact that at least for a while your loved ones are able to communicate if you are aware.

For those of you who read this blog, I hope you get some comfort from my story. There is so much to life beyond what we as humans are told and I know from my heart it is so true that there is life after death communication and that each of us have the ability to hear or feel that truth.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New life after death communication left me with questions

After my last life after death communication with Geoff, I was left with many questions. There was a lot of information that was passed on, and I will share some of that later, but one nagging question that I had was:

What was the nickname that Geoff was known by? He had always said to me, "I am just Geoff", but when the Rosie, my psychic, said to me they call him by his nickname, I didn't think to ask. I thought it would have to be a work related thing, after all two of his workmates have died and they all worked closely together.

After weeks of asking, I got an urge to ring work. In six months only one person from Geoff's old crew remained, his young apprentice Brent. Brent told me the name, and next time I see Rosie, this will be my confirmation that she is talking to Geoff.

Brent also told me of the things that had been going on at work early in the morning when he first started work. From six o'clock until the rest of the staff arrive about eight, he felt like someone was in the factory with him. He said it was a feeling that followed him around as he got his work done. Brent really misses Geoff and some times, he told me, he feels like Geoff is still working at the fish filleting table with him, he feels Geoff giving him instructions as he works at the table, only to look up and he is not there.

I told him of some of my life after death communications and told him to simply say hi! We came to the conclusion that there was a more than fair chance if it was anyone in the factory it was Geoff. He was so relieved to hear what I had to say "That makes me feel so much better".

Geoff loved his work, he was a very talented filleter and knew all his fish. Even the local CSIRO would come and get him to cut their samples of fish for their research and books. He was well respected throughout the Tasmanian fish industry. It makes sense that when he is not around me he would spend time in the factory. Except for coming home and spending time with me, his life was at work. Every night he would pull out his books and study another fish he may had come into the factory that day.

I am glad I am not the only one who can pick up the life after death communications from Geoff. Young Brent knows enough now, that hopefully he can feel what Geoff is trying to teach him and learn all the skills he needs to become a great fillet too.

There is a reason I picked up that phone, you should always go with your instinct, you never know when it may help someone else as well as yourself. Recovery after a Death comes in many forms and those who watch over us see the whole picture.